Things You Should NOT Put in A Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a very useful appliance to have in the kitchen. It was invented in 1927 by John Hammes and is now a staple in many kitchens. A garbage disposal allows us the convenience of disposing of food scraps with just the flip of a switch. We encounter the absolute convenience of this tool when it stops working. Save yourself the needless hassle of doing without the garbage disposal by following these guidelines of what should not be put in the garbage disposal. 

Coffee Grounds 

Don’t be deceived by coffee grounds. They may appear to be finely milled to go down easily, but they can cause your drain to be clogged with a pile of gunky sediment. 

Animal Bones 

If you drop animal bones down the drain, they may easily damage the grinding mechanisms. 

Pasta, Rice, Bread 

Most grains or oats expand when you add water to them and can easily clog your drain. 

Nuts and Shells 

It is not a good idea to put nuts, seafood shells, or egg shells in your garbage disposal. These food items will cause clogging and damage to the impellers of the garbage disposal. 

Pits and Seeds 

Instead of throwing them down your garbage disposal, why not try planting them? Throwing pits and seeds down the garbage disposal is not the best idea if you want this kitchen appliance to last. 

Fibrous or Stringy Fruits and Vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables with fibrous strands can get tangled around the garbage disposal’s grinder and may cause it to stop working properly. So please avoid putting foods such as celery, asparagus, banana peels, onion layers, corn husks, pineapple crowns and rhubarb into the disposal. 

Potato Peels 

If you put potato peels into the garbage disposal they may get caught in the drain and become a starchy paste from the grinding, causing blockage. 

Grease, Oil, and Fat 

Grease, oil, and fat may look like liquids at first, but eventually they congeal, causing a major blockage in your drain. 

Non-Food Items 

It’s important to avoid putting broken glass, stickers from foods, paper towels, and medications (pills) into the garbage disposal as well, because aside from causing problems in your drainage system, these items may also be deposited into your local water supply. 

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