The Most Frequent Reasons for Plumbing Issues in Texas

Although there are several plumbing problems that are common in homes regardless of the region, certain states face issues peculiar to their area. If you’re a resident of Texas, be aware of what can affect your plumbing so that you’re better prepared for it. We have complied a list of the most frequent reasons Texas homeowners face plumbing issues. 

Foundation Shifts

In Texas, soil and climate cause many issues dealing with the foundation of your home. Soil expands and contracts due to the temperature. When hot, the ground shrinks, and when cold, it gains volume. As a result, foundation movement can make a structure shift and become unstable. These foundational shifts can impact your home’s piping system and result in leaks underground that can severely damage a home’s foundational base. 

Heavy Rain 

When heavy rainfall occurs in Texas, it can create issues with the plumbing of your home. Soil that has been saturated with water is heavier than regular soil. This weight can cause pipes to collapse or break, especially if they’re old. Wet soil also loosens and becomes malleable, which increases the chance of underground pipes and plumbing fixtures shifting. Soil shifts can lead to backups that result in loosened joints, hidden leaks, burst pipes, or other additional problems. 

Tree Roots 

Another significant issue to the foundation of your Texas home is large tree roots. Tree roots can creep under your house, crack your slab, and can even lift your foundation. They may also puncture pipes and hinder the functioning of the sewer and septic systems or possibly break a plumbing line.

Water Hardness

Hard water is common problem for Texas plumbing systems. In fact, Texas is currently ranked 6th for the hardest water in the US with a hardness average of over 200 PPM. When rain falls, it gathers in lakes and aquifers. Rock formations in these bodies of water begin to slowly melt and enrich the water with dissolved minerals. The greater the amount of dissolved minerals in the water, the harder the water is. Hard water can result in odd odor and cause build-up of debris on many surfaces in your home’s plumbing. 

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