Frequently Asked Questions

We Get Questions

Our team here at Farrell Plumbing & Cooling are always prepared to handle your plumbing emergencies. Click on the red button at the top of this webpage for important information and the number to contact us for an emergency plumbing or cooling situation.

A broken water line out in the yard might be visible. Are there puddles in your yard or do you hear the sound of running water when no faucets or appliances are using water? Call us in and we can perform a leak inspection for you. We’ll find it and we’ll fix it, saving you money with no more wasted water.

Some people can fix this by inserting an Allen wrench in the disposal and un-jam the spokes in there. You can also check to see if your disposal has a button underneath. That’s a reset button. If this doesn’t work, please call us and have us take a look at it. 

Do-It-Yourself or DIY is excellent and many people really can accomplish a lot by following instructions or watching someone do it on YouTube. With that being said, the majority of the calls we get are from homeowners who started the project but hit a big snag. It can mean damage that you can’t declare on insurance. If it’s a big job and you have even the slightest worry about trying to do it; just call us. We can get your new fixture, toilet, tub, shower, or sink in without any damage. 

One reason could be a refrigerant leak or perhaps the evaporator coil is dirty. You should shut the system off and call Farrell Plumbing & Cooling right away. There are a host of other reasons for ice to appear too numerous to mention here. Bring us in to diagnose your unit properly and we’ll suggest the best fix for you.

Regular waters are the most popular in the US. They heat the water by electricity, gas, propane or oil. They have a large capacity, holding anywhere from 20 gallons on up to 80 gallons or more. It takes a large amount of energy to power the heater and warm all that water to the desired temperature. The bad part is you can run out of hot water and wait a while for the water to heat up again.  The other bad part is how much that energy can cost you.

Tankless water heaters are basically, hot water “on demand”. Gas or electricity will heat the water instantly when you want it. Now you get hot water when you want it and you won’t run out of hot water. They tend to save money since they are only on when you need hot water.